Love and be YOU!

The Love within all people is the same love that binds and connects all of humankind with nature and all that Source touches. You must learn to listen to you and what lies inside you; not without you. Be accepting of others regardless of their differences.

Be one with Love and allow it into everything you are and do. When you are connected to Love and are connected to all humankind you will flow within all of Source.

Be you.

Love all.

Inside you is a key.

Be open and the key will open the door.

Only with Love will the key be free in the lock of you.

Be one with yourself and find the key that you seek.

Love yourself and love others.

Be open and be all you can be.

Listen to yourselves and connect to YOU!

Disharmony and hate are rooted in fear. Love will and can conquer fear

You must be courageous to do good in the world.

Love and you will make great things happen for you all and all you interact with and see.

Love and love will unlock the True You!

Be one with you, your Love and with Source.

Become YOU!

Love and Light to you all.

Anything that separates One from another is not the Truth.

Hi all. I received a key message from my Guides the other day and thought it was important to share with you all.

Anything that separates one from another is not the Truth

Have you noticed the world around you and how this affects all we do?

The more we seek inclusivity and equality for others the more we focus on our differences that set us apart; whether that is the color of a persons skin, their religion, their sexuality, their nationality or whatever it is we focus on. The world is so absorbed on creating more categories for everyone to fit into that it is dividing us even further apart creating a world where everything is so complicated with categories or labels that triggering of others unintentionally is a very common problem. This can create disharmony and chaos because of these categories, labels and beliefs. Some focus on the fact that others are different and use this as an excuse to breed hate or fear of other groups.

Instead of this we need to begin embracing and accepting the uniqueness of the individual yet also the commonalities that we all share as humans and come together. Seek to break down the barriers and categories we are so bound up in and instead focus on the commonalities we all share.

Focus on the good. Focus on our humanity, Focus on love for others. Its only when we stop treating others differently for anything that separates or divides us from one another that humanity will truly understand what it means to be human and find the answers that we seek. We create separation through labels or through our own action or inactions. In reality there is no separation.

Thanks for reading.

Love and Light to you all.


An Open Mind: Message from my Guide

Hi all.


A quick channeled message that I hope helps someone and if you are reading this know that this message was meant for you.

Love and Source are within you. Open your mind and love yourself and see your true self and connect to it daily. Often the opportunities given to you by Source are overlooked by others and by you and this is because you are allowing your own perspectives and ideals to shape your thoughts and manifestations.

Learn to discern the truth and open yourself to all possibilities. See the truth inside the lies. Open to the fact that sometimes there is truth within pain. Open and learn that the truth you seek can be found but you must stop looking for it within your own ideals and perspectives.

Be YOU and open to the love and truth of the gifts sent to you.

 Go in Peace.



Love and Light!