New Guided Message


Allow yourselves to see with Love and not through eyes filled with hate or despair. Humankind has a tendency to look at others and see each others faults or differences but instead we ask you to focus on Love and the similarities you all share.

Open your heart to this new perspective, focus and continue to consciously be in this state of mind and be  your true selves.  Everybody is love and everybody deserves love and by seeing others without love in their eyes you create images that people take within themselves which aren’t true affecting their self image.

Be open to new ideas and perspectives you find difficult and look for the Love. Embrace it. Be the Love you seek. We love you all and want you to see the truth that only you can open yourself to the truth and Source within you.

Humankind is dependent on Mother Earth and you do not respect or love your Mother like you should. Please send her Love too. Open yourself to Love and Source and help her in healing the issues created by humankind.

Go in Peace.

Love J.


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