Well here goes nothing!

Welcome! I have never written and shared my thoughts with the world before but it’s about time that that I think some things are discussed. First things first. I’m not going to tell you a whole lot about me other than the fact that I am a man who has started on a journey of self-exploration and am looking both inwards and outwards to find out who I am.  I’ve been contemplating some of the questions that have been cropping up along my journey and would like to share my thoughts on some of them. I hope some of you read some of the subjects and if any of it resonates with you then that’s awesome and I hope it helps you in some way and if it doesn’t then that’s fine too.

I live my life as non-judgmentally as possible and one of the key things I am trying to do is love unconditionally. I respect you and will always respect any feedback you have and all I ask of you is to treat me the same way.

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