Channeled Message: Discernment Continued.

My spirit guide has been very insistent about people using their own discernment and this message continues on in the same vein as the previous message:

Discernment of facts is paramount at present. Disregard others opinions and listen to your own hearts instead. Know the way forward is within you and not from outside sources. Seek all you would like to know by looking inwards for the answers. Seek inside for the information that rings true within your heart.

Allow the feelings to grow within you and feel how the thing or question is like within yourself. You will know the information is true or false by doing this and trusting your inner self.

Open, Listen, Be, Discern and Connect.

You all have this gift within you and must learn how to use it to help you.

Love and Light.


Welcome all.

While channeling last night I received an important message that my guides wanted you all to know. The message is short but important:

Discernment is a key thing in the times ahead. Learn to listen to your own inner self and know the truth for yourself. There are many that wish to manipulate you for their own ends. Listen and learn to discern the truth of all things for yourself.

Love yourself and be open to You!

Be trusting of your own intuitions as these are the things you should listen to at all times. Be present and aware of yourself and always trust your own instincts and intuitions over others.

Listen to you.

There are plenty of resources out there on discernment over many websites and on Youtube. If you need advise on good ones comment below or PM me and I’ll send you through some of my favorites.

Go in Peace.

Love and Light.

Be True to Yourself!

Hi all.

Another day; another channeled message.

People of Earth must learn to open to themselves.  You refuse to follow your true self and instead you look to others for ideas and quickly lose focus and neglect your true self in the process.

Open and expand yourself and you will see that what you seek is within you. Learn to listen to you and not to others. Learn to be true to yourself and don’t worry what others think of you. You are here for a purpose and while you may not know what it is yet you do have the answer within you.

Learn to listen to yourself!

Open and Be you. Open and connect to all you are.

Find yourself and be your own selves and forget what society deems important.

Follow your own inner light and path. Be you and trust your inner self and its answers.

You are Loved and are connected to yourself always.

Forge the Fires. Light the way.

Seek yourself.

Love and Light.






Changes are Coming.

The time is coming for great changes within our world. The life of our the planet is getting tired and her energy is decreasing. Please be open to the Love of the world and please send love to her now. We must all connect to her if we want our planet to continue to grow.  Please open and love her and send your love to her.

Open to the Love of all and allow it to flow you into her. Please continue this to ensure you get as much love to her as possible. Be prepared to all you will see soon. Be open, be discerning and trust yourselves!

Change is coming soon.


Love J.

The Time for Action is Now

Open and connect to Love. You need to endeavor to be the type of people you seek to Be. Aim to be them by connecting to Love. The time for action is NOW. Open and be the change you seek. Open and allow Love to guide all your actions. Be Love and not Hate. Love You and love all as they are the same. Be the Love you need to be in the world.

Important Channeled Message. Peace and Harmony in the World.

Hey all. This is a channeled message I received last week. I hope this resonates with you. Love and Light. 

Humankind seeks to find the differences between others.
You seek to find the ways you are different and emphasize these when you discuss your topics and belief systems.
Humankind needs to understand that the Love of all is all that exists.
Open to the Love of all and be the change you seek.
You all need to be yourselves and focus on your own journey towards yourself.
If you do see things that disturb you or need to change in the world do this peacefully, openly and without fear.
Allow the Love of others, yourself and Source to guide your actions.
Remember that ANYTHING that divides one from another is not the Truth.
Separation breeds separation.
Continue to collaborate and work together to open the world, your hearts and the hearts of others.
Love you. Open yourselves.

New Guided Message


Allow yourselves to see with Love and not through eyes filled with hate or despair. Humankind has a tendency to look at others and see each others faults or differences but instead we ask you to focus on Love and the similarities you all share.

Open your heart to this new perspective, focus and continue to consciously be in this state of mind and be  your true selves.  Everybody is love and everybody deserves love and by seeing others without love in their eyes you create images that people take within themselves which aren’t true affecting their self image.

Be open to new ideas and perspectives you find difficult and look for the Love. Embrace it. Be the Love you seek. We love you all and want you to see the truth that only you can open yourself to the truth and Source within you.

Humankind is dependent on Mother Earth and you do not respect or love your Mother like you should. Please send her Love too. Open yourself to Love and Source and help her in healing the issues created by humankind.

Go in Peace.

Love J.


An Open Mind: Message from my Guide

Hi all.


A quick channeled message that I hope helps someone and if you are reading this know that this message was meant for you.

Love and Source are within you. Open your mind and love yourself and see your true self and connect to it daily. Often the opportunities given to you by Source are overlooked by others and by you and this is because you are allowing your own perspectives and ideals to shape your thoughts and manifestations.

Learn to discern the truth and open yourself to all possibilities. See the truth inside the lies. Open to the fact that sometimes there is truth within pain. Open and learn that the truth you seek can be found but you must stop looking for it within your own ideals and perspectives.

Be YOU and open to the love and truth of the gifts sent to you.

 Go in Peace.



Love and Light!

Help the Earth: A Channeled Message

Welcome. I received this message from one of my spirit guides the other day and I have shared it word for word below:

Mankind continues to treat the Earth with disrespect and you continue to live in disharmony with yourselves and with others. You focus on the wrong issues and spend time destroying and being at war with one another for the stupidest reasons. You are continuing to destroy without thinking of the issues that could help humankind to fix these issues. 

Opening and allowing the Love of all things to grow in your hearts is the Key. Open and allow yourself to truly open and see yourselves for what you are. You must open,see and allow the Love to grow within your hearts. Only when humankind finds peace within themselves will the world prosper. Focus on the Love for others, for the World and its true beauty.

Be present. Try to connect to all people. Learn to love others, Seek within yourselves for the answers not to outside sources. You are loved by all but you do not love all. Be what you seek.

Money and power are not reality; they are only a means to an end. Money is temporary and mankind must learn to allow the thoughts that fester and yearn for money and let them go.

Be You! Open. Remove the thoughts that don’t serve you or others. Open to you and focus on the inner. Be You!

Go in Peace. 

Love J.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. Until next time!

Love and Light.

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Important Message for All.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. Life likes to keep you busy! I’ve been continuing to progress on my journey of spiritual discovery and am learning new things and also continuing writing and communicating with my guides. Last week while writing; I asked my guides if they had any messages for the people of Earth.

This is their message to the world and all it’s people.

Love one another.

The Life on Earth is the same that flows through ALL things.

You must understand that the life you have is precious regardless of race, color or other  factions. 

You are special. You are one and you are many. You are all the same.

Do not segregate yourselves from others because of beliefs or other factions.

You are all part of the Source of all things.

Connect to Yourself.

Stop blaming others for the state of the world.

Love and find your true selves.

Only when humankind allows themselves to find their true selves is when humankind will find peace.

Allow yourself to Love and open your heart to All.

Be one and be many.

Love and Light. J.


I hope this message resonates with you. Even if I can pass this on to one single person I’ll feel like I am helping raise our collective vibration. Thanks for reading!